Not understanding cosmic consciousness
means not understanding the human mind


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cosmic consciousness
in “21 days”

Cosmic consciousness is the power that is already inside you;  it is not a new religion; but the proof that there is a HERO longing to rise beneath every EGO
Watch the video below for more…
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Cosmic consciousness is the most difficult subject in history of spirituality and mental evolution, not just because it is globally known as the highest stage of human development, but because a study proves that cosmic consciousness is a power that is already within you, and you can now attain it here in just
21 days

Feeling inquisitive and want to learn further?

This video explained that the word Hu in the word human historically expresses the presence of a power within called cosmic consciousness

3 Reasons Why Cosmic Consciousness Is The Next Stage In The Evolution of The Mind

The Enemy Is Within

Because of the undeniable relationship between the mind
and cosmic consciousness

need to Watch This Video and learn more about cosmic consciousness

Self-Harm Is Not Your Fault

Mental health is not ordinary but cosmic; Because self-harm is not natural but chaotic

This video explains that If you really want to change your mental health for the better, then stop assuming like 99% of people that being alive automatically means being connected to Life; because just BEING ALIVE is not enough to feel alive

The Power Is Within

Self or the ego is your greatest enemy or your powerful ally

In this video I explain that although the mind is inclined to naturally follow and favor negativity, there is a self consciousness for the enemy within you enforcing negativity and limitations, and a cosmic consciousness for the hero within you to change the ego into an ally

Few benefits of cosmic consciousness on the the human mind

In the state of cosmic consciousness  

Take the first step today from self to cosmic consciousness

Achieve cosmic consciousness in “21 days”

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