No, you don’t want to do it alone, in 21 days you can now achieve what nearly cost me 21 years, and others their whole life time due to lack of verifiable sources, measurable progress and partnering with an expert

About Me

Let me get straight to the point, my name is Patrick Nana and my goal is to travel the world and prove that my theory is greatest to build mental health because it reveals that depression is not a bad thing but an asset to the mind, that mental health is effortless, and that the relationship between cosmic consciousness and the mind is undeniable.
cosmic consciousness is for you if you believe everything you need in life is already inside you.
Without cosmic consciousness when you stop learning you start dying inside. Meaning, there is some form of universal negative tendency in the mind that we can only fight by learning… However, there is a better way

There is a BLUE PRINT that I discovered which map the mind completely and naturally reverses the flow of energy from negatives mental inclination to positive inclinations; and I can help you do the same in just 21 days.