What is cosmic consciousness and how to connect to it?

If you spend time learning on any of my platform, and find a better understanding elsewhere. I’m committed to pay you for the time you lost while actually reading and learning from me. Deal?
we vividly affirm the presence of an Ego every time we lose control and get stuck in the awfulness of our chaotic ways, unhealthiness, laziness, addiction and disorders; Whether is freaquing out, shutting down, going crazy, or causing harm to ourselves or to other around us.
It’s about time to accept the presence of a Hero consciousness that freely brings us back into nurturing light, protects us from the negative ways of life, and equips us with the necessary love energy to further strengthen our sanity, our cosmic nature, and self-esteem; from chaos to cosmos; from chaotic energy to cosmic energy; from disorder to order; from disease to ease; and for reasons that have never been defined or once recorded in the history of humanity as potentially destructive, hostile or harmful to anyone whether or not we even believe it is there or even exist.
Cosmic consciousness is everything good that you need in life that’s already inside of you. Unlike ego consciousness, cosmic consciousness is a non-arbitrary power, meaning it can’t individually oppose you and become unsupportive of your growth, positive gains, or morals against your will. It’s the sum of all life forces and values that keep you alive and well on both the cellular and non-cellular levels till you decease.
Cosmic consciousness is the energy within you that has never failed you, can never fail you, and will never deceive or betray you. It is the energy that exists within you solely to diligently watch over you and ensure you never experience more light energy that you can skillfully handle without losing control.
For example, the body does not decompose while we are alive due to cosmic consciousness. Also, regardless of how poor your behavior becomes toward yourself and others, neither your internal moral compass nor your free will ever abandon you or shut down. Most importantly, due to our cosmic nature, there has never been and (never will be a time, by the way) where humankind had to worry about his life energy’s true agenda because he fears that he doesn’t respect his existence or other people existence enough to deserve waking up all over again after falling asleep into total darkness as many time as he wishes and feels like it.

The origin of cosmic consciousness

The origin of cosmic consciousness is sometimes referred to as the eternal soul, the infinite source of light, or the power within. It possesses a power greater than all the forces of the universe combined. Many philosophers defined the human mind as the most powerful device in existence due to its undeniable powers and abilities to endlessly evolve, adapt and spiritually restore itself beyond its own limitation over time. Based on beliefs, it is a power without which the universe will be a very meaningless place of empty matter.
However, science quickly claimed this existential power and wrongfully denied the existence of spiritual matter and forces that could support mental and human evolution because they could never study them logically due to a lack of physical evidence, knowledge, and religious coordination.
Though the search for cosmic consciousness has been around for over 3000 years right up to the present, the first man to ever publish evidence of the existence of cosmic consciousness in the late nineteenth century was none other than the founding father Dr. Richard Maurice Buck and the author of the book called cosmic consciousness and the Evolution of the human mind, in which he explains why he appraises cosmic consciousness as both the most challenging subject in spirituality and the highest stage of spiritual and mental evolution.

Strategically, without forcing any quid pro quo spiritual campaign on anyone, he also added the names of famous spiritual world leaders like Jesus Christ, the Buddha, and Muhammad to emphasize the difference between those who have achieved cosmic consciousness and those who have not yet started their hero journey and reach that level of complete oneness of mind, body, and spirit with the cosmos. This is not a religious call, and I’m not religious; I respect everyone’s beliefs system, but my heart and soul believe in Jesus Christ, whose exploits, by the way, have inspired the search and study of cosmic consciousness around the world to the point where the term cosmic consciousness was renamed Christ consciousness or Christ level of awareness or hero consciousness, in attempt to refer to the best of ways to be human.

The HERO’S JOURNEY is a universal map and a call to cosmic consciousness for every willing men

if knowing that cosmic consciousness is already there within you and forever by your side was making the journey easier for mankind! This essay would be extremely short.
You, I, and everybody who ever lived understand that breathing is not the same as knowing how to breathe; eating is not the same as knowing how to nourish yourself correctly; healing, speaking, resting, and living are a million light years away from mastering how to rest, how to live, how to communicate effectively, and how to stay healthy despite all your life’s feelings, relationships, mind and spirit problems…and we can go on and on like this for days.
So let’s move on.
If we can all agree that the cosmic consciousness scope is indeed too vast to be compressed by the objective guiding’s measure of science, then you have come to the right place to improve your understanding of this knowledge. Cosmic consciousness is not another religion but what’s already inside you, awaiting your faithful command to awaken fully.
It is a call for inner force exploration, an opportunity to forge better mental problem-solving skills, build stronger connections with oneself, raise your moral standards, revolutionize your mind, and find more peace. However, without the actual map of the mind that I discovered, this crucial adventure can easily take someone a lifetime.
Though I was born in 1993, I fully awakened to the state of cosmic consciousness around the year 2008. I started my hero journey of self-discovery in the hope of unraveling the building blocks of mental health and mental evolution. I wasn’t just looking for individual footprints in the sand to follow but for cosmic arrangements like the why behind the ordained nature of the alphabet, the counting system, the human body, the calendar, the clock, the relationship between colors, shapes, sound, frequency, energy, and vibration; anything in the universe that could help me get close to solve fundamental mental health problem, trauma, and understand the true nature of the mind and the need for balance in life in the most ordained, enjoyable, exciting and relatable ways possible. You dig! Consequently, on my journey, I made three essential mental breakthroughs that I believe are a critical addition to human evolution and mental development everywhere in the world.

1. Depression is not a bad thing
2. Happiness is not enough
3. Mental health is effortless

The ‘What is,’ the ‘What was,’ and the ‘What will forever be.’

“Holy Moly” we are Love! What must happen to support evolution will happen, has already happened, and is happening right now! Every day, the existence of cosmic consciousness generates new experiences that guide humanity closer and closer to the source and his true nature of love. The start of cosmic consciousness can be closely associated with a map that can’t be changed because the process to achieve and maintain it is the same today as it was back then, and will be centuries from now. In fact, this is the same information that helped me answer multiple million dollars of questions. Starting with these three:
  1. Which region of the mind is cosmic consciousness located and not located to facilitate its activation, development, and learning?
  2. Are certain people more incapacitated than others to evolve into the state of cosmic consciousness and higher mental evolution?
  3. And last but not least, how does one attain and achieve cosmic consciousness in life correctly to prevent regression overtime?

How to attain cosmic consciousness?

Prompto, do you really want this? Can you endure the evolution?
It’s easy to hear, ‘I m sorry, I let my emotion get the best of me and lost control.’ But you will never hear anyone say something like, ‘Sorry, I lost track of what doesn’t count and became the best version of me,’ or ‘It all went dark, and the next thing I knew, I was the best person for me,’ or ‘Damn, I don’t know what came over me, I didn’t mean to do meaningful charity work and help better the world,’ or ‘After being stuck living a lie for years, I found the light again oopsy!’ Never! Why? First, righteousness can never happen without a conscious desire to willingly do it but unrighteousness can easily happen against your will.
Also, because your ego is free to control your mind against your will, and act against you; but your soul can never control you without your full accord. It is a condition called ego, self, or chaotic consciousness, which is the opposite state to hero, soul, or cosmic awareness. When cosmic consciousness is in charge, the ego consciousness is not suppressed but transforms into a “trusted affiliate to the mind and a powerful ally.
However, when the ego consciousness is in control, cosmic consciousness is suppressed over time and made completely silent like it doesn’t even exist–like it’s just a myth! Including the living soul and all its heroic attempt to preserve the dying body tendency from practicing self DESTRUCTIVISM which by the way never harm the ego.
For example: Ever heard the term the light of humanity is fading away! I can guarantee it has nothing to do with loss of humanity and good people like most people think but the loss in lifespan expectancy! Just like you, I wonder what’s the longest life a man could live if he was naturally losing his connection to insanity instead of his connection to humanity and cosmic energy in the long run, and finally unlock his ability to fill the mind with the same 144000 hz frequency currently used by some unknown cosmic conscious power to preserve and balance the light energy of the entire universe as One without a fail…and that energy is 100% free … but who cares?
What the state of cosmic consciousness does for the mind is that it effortlessly stops the ego from stopping, corrupting and slowly destroying the flow of cosmic energy in the body overtime by reconnecting the Human MIND with its rightful owner–your Soul! So, the mind can heal faster and more effectively, without being interrupted by the ego’s negative impact and insanitary sabotaging ways; as such to evolve freely into discerning the ego’s voice from the Soul’s voice.
Imagine that instead of struggling with learning good habits and killing bad habits, you begin to shift into something new; Developing good qualities faster and struggling with keeping bad habits alive because your ego is no longer poisonous.
  • We are talking about emotions no longer defending destructive habits but reinforcing healing quality.
  • We are talking about evolution from mental illness to mental stillness and disorder to order.
  • We are talking about stronger masculine or feminine energy restoration, recalibration, understanding, interpretation, preservation, and flow.
  • We are talking about how focusing on negativity becomes harder, and focusing on the positive in life becomes easier based on your own level of cosmic consciousness and progress toward the light of love or the love of light… whatever rock your boat!
  • We are talking about developing solidness of heart and wealthiness of spirit effortlessly over time just by dwelling in the right consciousness state of mind and body and “knowing” the cost of doubting the cosmos.
And these are just the tip of the iceberg of what cosmic consciousness can do because unlike the universe; the human mind is infinite in potential and energy once It has awakened from the illusion of comfort, or Chaotic energy also known throughout studies as the Ma-ster of -Trix and just simply put: EviL and enemy of man. Also, you won’t believe this, but the chaotic version of you is the best thing that ever happened to you because it is just as essential as the cosmic version of you to maintain cosmic consciousness awakening long enough to fully evolve your third eye and reach the crown; which can take a lifetime without the MAP.
Although, it is tough and not for the weak-hearted! Achieving and evolving to comic consciousness is the most wonderful transformation the mind can ever have in life. Would everyone attain and awakened to cosmic consciousness? No! It is clinically dangerous to awaken the mind to its highest stage of evolution after reaching old age!!!
Your mind is at war! And the battlefield looks like this: There is an aging and dying consciousness on the left side responsible to help you find and push your limitations or used them against you to destroy you from the inside out. It all depends! And on the other right side, there is a living and evolving consciousness solely responsible to protect you from yourself, your darkness, your limitations and to help you maintain balance and achieve completion into the light without delay. One is forever on your side by decree, and the other will never be on your side without a cosmic fight!
I can help you get your foot through the door of cosmic consciousness in just 21 days, but I can’t guarantee you won’t return to your ego by choice. I can walk you through the map of the mind because trust me you’ve seen this Map before in countless ways, but the current cosmic energy level of your mind is too low to decipher it.
I must warn you! This is life-changing! You take the blue pill; you go back to sleep! You take the red pill, and I’ll show you that the hero in you.
Do you still want to achieve cosmic consciousness and step into the freedom of the human mind?
Let us know when you are ready!